Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My journal idea (stop rolling your eyes!)

I have been awful at journaling the last few years. Okay, the last ten years. I have tried writing prompts, daily journals, five-year journals, emotion journals, art journals, and have been considering bullet journaling as of late, all to no avail. So last year I thought of something. And I think it's something good enough to share. Now keep in mind, I'm horrible at art. But the idea, I think, is gold. Even if you suck at art, you can use pictures you've printed, ticket stubs (or other small, flat paper-related trinkets), or just fake it. Who cares, really, because this is just a way to keep track of your life's big events. Here's what you'll "need." 
Notecards (I use the ones that are blank on one side, lined on the other)

Crayons, markers, colored pencils, or whatever coloring supplies you prefer

Pictures (if you want)

Mostly flat memorabilia (if you want)

Page protectors and a binder (my favorite method)


Index card holder/"recipe box"

Cheap and easy, and (bonus) you probably already have almost everything you need.

So here's what I did. I started by writing the date at the top, and then writing a brief description of what I did that day. Then, on the other side, I drew something to represent my day. Again, my art skills are sub-par. But that never mattered much to me. 

Obviously it isn't perfect, but there are other options. If you'd rather use pictures, you can pre-write the notecard stuff, print the pictures that "fit" the event, and glue it on to the front. Or if you're too busy to do a card that day, you can write about your day in a planner and transfer it to a card when you have a little more time. 

I like that if you feel like it, you can make an "about me" card, or answer a journal prompt, or make a list of things. It's super versital, fast, easy, and they're fun to go through. And, better yet, low to no commitment! What could be easier? 

I hope I've maybe inspired someone who's more artistically talented than me, so that you can rock it ten times as hard, then show off my idea to people and be even MORE inspiring. Happy journaling!

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